translated by Eduard Herzog

At the beginning of September I read the following caption in the magazine Auto Motor and Sport: „Heading for the seventh title. Michael Schmidt writes about Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. That Michael Schumacher has won the world championship for the seventh time is the result of discipline, perfection and obsessive care for detail. No, they do not have better engineers south of the Alps, nor the more brilliant ideas. There is not even so much more money in their bank accounts. Taking everything into account, the competitors are hardly worse off. The only thing is: they do not exploit their resources to the full. What they lack is a comprehensive perspective. Ferrari’s strategy is very simple: To maintain their strengths and spot their weaknesses. This means: to admit faults. This is what their competitors find difficult because many an ego will have to suffer.“

How can knowledge be turned into consciousness, that is the question I would like to examine. Is it enough simply to know, or where is the secret hidden? I know, therefore I am? But then the question would be: Who am I? – So the problem is more complex than expected. Is there a possibility to test knowledge? And do the things I know make up my knowledge; is it new ? And is it adequate? Questions galore and no answers? INTEGRALNEU.COM has been exploring this for years. What is needed is a comprehensive, integral starting point for acquiring knowledge and its application. Is there knowledge that is of universal use and supports an integral evolution? Is evolution a mere fantasy or is it a fact? By the example of Ferrari we are shown how knowledge can take effect in the world. Interestingly enough, hardly anybody talks of consciousness in such a context. Research of and with consciousness seems to belong to a different world. My experience usually shows a separation between research and life. We may skim over the surface of an article, but mentally we do not make a connection. Information is knowledge, but only if I use it discriminately. „Dear reader“, do you belive me? or do you really know?

INTEGRALNEU.COM knows the way towards knowledge and has developed methods to follow, guide and see knowledge on its way to consciousness: in its totality, in its comprehensiveness and adequacy. This is our way, this is our goal, individually, in freedom for each and any person. Knowledge is at the core of our endeavours, and we pursue knowledge down into the cells, into the programmes and their transformation. Transformation is the centre of research. Enlightenment is adequate only if the totality is kept in mind. INTEGRALNEU.COM creates room to make all the processes visible, to see knowledge growing and evolving. This method can be acquired by any woman and any man. Obsession no longer seems adequate to me, a perceptive existence is necessary. To know, to recognise the total and then to do all that is in one’s power seems to me to be the right thing. To have a comprehensive, integral view, centred in the conciousness of truth, every day again, that looks like success and wholeness. <does this appeal to you? We would be delighted if you got in touch with INTEGRALNEU.COM, in order to increase your knowledge in an integral, consequential sense.